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Our creative flow is never ending, the TBJ Brand branding team creates visual identities and develops brand strategies for small businesses and fortune 500 companies around the world. Every brand and business has its own unique story, but industry-leading businesses think about what the brand stands for, what it stands against, and most importantly, where it should go next.

At TBJ Brand, we help you identify, fix, and remove potential gaps and weaknesses within your current branding strategy to excel it. Whether it’s crafting your brand story, defining your brand personality, launching an entirely new brand, or creating world-class visual assets, TBJ Brand is here to help you get your unique message across to the right audience in the most impactful way.

We look to find the opportunities and define what can be; we identify what organizations need to start, stop or change to realise their brands’ potential. Brand positioning only works if we can get outside of our own echo chamber to experience our industry, category, and products from the perspective of our end audience. That’s why we believe in both “inside-out” and “outside-in” branding — two complementary but distinct methodologies that make your customer the hero. Are we truly solving our customer’s pain points or do we only think we do? If we’re not clearly differentiated on product features in a competitive industry, how can we truly stand out from the crowd? We answer these questions in a profound way for dozens of market leaders and innovative startups.




Our Logo Design Team of seasoned designers and brand strategists who can help you distinguish your business through eye-catching logo design. We unify your content and create an identity that represents the values and mission your company strives for.

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or redefine an old one, we have the team and track record to design one of the most memorable parts of your branding.



Our Market Research Team of data analysts, researchers, and creatives can hone your brand and content strategy through the power of data. Every day, we use insight to drive informed decisions to help your business reach your audience through market research.

Whether it’s consumer habits, competitive analysis, or asset performance, our Market Research Agency has the expertise and proven methodologies to extract data and use it to drive effective campaigns and strategies to generate sales and brand awareness



Let us help you turn your brand into a household name. We know that a business or product is only as good or as popular as its brand. Too often, organizations focus on only one piece of the puzzle, failing to recognize that both are interconnected.

Whether you are launching a new product or business or struggling to make hay with an existing entity, we can provide you with the team, experience, and expertise to take you to the next level. Our brand insights will illuminate a path forward and our on-the-ground capabilities will help you tread that path to success.



Let our design team elevate your presence. We are a team of artists, strategists, and design thinkers who can push your business through every touchpoint of your brand’s user experience. We strive to make every interaction your consumer has with your product noteworthy and memorable.

Whether your product flies off of store shelves or comes delivered in the mail, we know how to evolve your brand’s visual identity into engaging, tactile results through eye-catching package design.


Creating a personal brand can be challenging, but it can also be one of the best investments that you’ll make in your career. A strong personal brand will pay dividends throughout your career and bring you the opportunities you want.

Our 1:1 coaching programs allow you to explore your personal brand with an expert. This gives you the confidence to know you have a strong personal brand that is clearly linked to delivering your business objectives. Our coaching clients get results because we work with them to understand them and their objectives and give them a plan that brings the results and opportunities along the way.

If your personal brand is important to you this is the best way to fast-track your success.

Let our team create a custom plan that will work for you - 

What Our Clients Say


The percentage of OUR company’s business comes from referrals from existing customers.

Benjamin Wells, CEO Maven Security Technologies

It was an honor to work with TBJ Brand. They took my many ideas and created a site that’s robust and gives the customers everything they're looking for – they made is both stylish and functional.  
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